The Center Cannot Hold -- how quality varies between batches

tl,dr: WF conventional, locally grown nectarines; Sweetness = 2, Juiciness = 3; Price = $2.49/lb; Recommend? Yes, but they were better earlier in the month.

Looks good donut? Well ... it kind of is.

It was a bit of a kick in the pants.

The nectarines that I had gushed on about in the last post – those wonderfully juicy, delightfully sweet, orange orbs of delight were just not as good this time.

Yes, they were good. But they weren’t drop your socks, call your mama, and get on a plane home good. They were merely good.

Anyway, four people ate these things. Mr. Kolia and Mr. Tim, two of the finest minds in deep learning. They were mostly satisfied:

Person Juicy Sweet Recommend
Mr. Tim juicy sweet yes
Mr. Kolia juicy very sweet yes

So they liked it, though Tim mentioned that he enjoyed a sweeter peach the night before, and Kolia said his was a bit tart.

The other two – me and the lovely Ms. Haley – also reviewed them:

Person Juicy Sweet Recommend
Me juicy faintly sweet yes
Ms. Haley juicy sweet no

Ms. Haley’s decision to not recommend the nectarine was clearly informed by her earlier consumption of the July 4th nectarine. Preference is all about experience – and if you had the best, well, it’s hard to settle for anything less.

Enjoy these nectarines, dear reader. But keep a steady eye on this blog. As you can see, conditions in the fruit world can change rapidly.