Whole Foods Conventional Local Nectarine

tl,dr: WF Conventional, Batesville Grown; Juicyness = 3, Sweetness = 3; Price = $2.49 / lb; Recommend: without reservation!

Hands down, the best nectarine of the summer. When Plato imagined his forms, he was thinking of the Batesville grown, Crown Orchard’s nectarine.

When I tasted this gem a few weeks ago, here were the notes I jotted down:

“Wonderful. Best so far. So juicy had to cup your hand under when you bit. Skin got a little wrinkly. Extremely sweet. What a nectarine should taste like.”

Honestly, the only reason you wouldn’t eat this nectarine is if you didn’t like your fruit that sweet.

And at $2.49 / lb, it beats out a lot of the competition at the same price point.

Caveat emptor: Hopefully they are still in stock! This blog hadn’t been created when I ate it on July 4th.