This apple looks good, right? Too bad you have no idea what it tastes like!

War. Disease. Famine – big problems. Problems people should be solving.

Not this blog’s problem.

Here our concern is fruit. Those sweet things that hang from trees and bushes, appear in your cereal or in a nice compote, or that you just eat outright. They are ostensibly healthy, but also contain sugar, which has recently fallen out of fashion.

If we are to eat these modern day cigarettes, we might as well eat the good ones.

That’s where chirbah comes in.

We are solving the mealy apple problem. The potato peach. That experience of going to the store for a nice nectarine, and returning home with a lemon.

But it’s a hard problem to solve. Despite their outward appearances, and despite our best efforts at knowing their inner quality – the familiar tapping, sniffing, squeezing and shaking of fruit – we fail time and time again to pick a winner.

It seems there is no substitute for the bite. But “try before you buy” is a phenomenon of farmers markets and a few select grocery stores. Most Americans don’t have this experience when buying fruit.

At chirbah, that’s not good enough. We’ve been burned too many times by the siren song of some sweetly smelling stone fruit – only to be disappointed when eaten.

So we, the community of chirbah users and reviewers, are eating that fruit for you. We’re in your community, your grocery store, having the experiences you’d rather avoid – and letting you know all about it.

Now you can know, whenever, wherever, what fruit is worth buying.

Anyway, that’s the master plan. At the moment, it’s just one guy with a blog eating far too many fruit.

Hope you enjoy. You can find a little more information in my first post here.